Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Students Try out a Haptic Mouse

** This post is still under construction, but I wanted to get the news up to share with all of you at 3D Printer World Expo, but it's been a busy week at school and there was no time to fine-tune (yet!).  Please check back soon. Feel free to follow us by email or Facebook! **

This evening, a few students and I headed down to Sculpting Virtual Clay in 3D Using Haptic Technology at the 3D Printing Meetup of San Francisco. As you might imagine, they were certainly the only kids there, but they were dedicated and, overall, some of the more knowledgeable ones in the group!

"It's important that they let people who are interested in the technology see upcoming products." - Cole

"Using the haptic mouse was awesome, you really feel the resistance when you touch to object inside the software." - Sam

"The Sense 3D scanner got accurate scans of most parts of you except for your hair. I think haptic mice and a 3-D scanners compliment each other very well." - Sam, again

"Meet ups like these are important not only to show new technology, but to allow like-minded people to meet and talk about all aspects of making." - Jane

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