Sunday, January 26, 2014

Portrait of a Young Maker: Cole

Name: Cole C.

Grade: 8th Grade

3D Speciality: Overall 3D printing, 3D scanning and modeling. 

You can find out more about Cole's work on his Thingiverse page, Twitter @cole_c_18, and on his YouTube channel.

Favorite 3D printing project so far

(Past/Present): The iPad stand that will never work, Cole says "I have tried printing it multiple times redesigning it. Which has been very fun but also extremely frustrating. I hope it will work at some point. Currently it is our 3D printer's fault not my design."  I (teacher) might add that Coles' iPad design is testing the limits of our machine, especially in the middle of the relative chaos of our middle school science classroom!

(Future): "On January 31th, 2014, I am going to be flying down to Burbank California to attend the 3D Printer World Expo. When I am there I have made business cards to give out to people and 3D printing companies so I can say in contact with those companies and maybe even get a discount off a 3D printer. Hopefully..."

Other 3D accomplishments: Cole is one of the founding members of the BPC Maker Club.  At its inception during the 2012-2013 school year, Cole was one of only three members of the club, which he says was "probably my favorite time in maker club because it soon got rather large once the Makerbot came to BPC. Once the club was larger it started to get more off task [from 3D printing]." 

Cole also has a Thingiverse account where he has "made many designs such as phone stands, model planes and rockets."Cole was also recently featured in an article in T.H.E. Journal, 3D Printing in the Classroom: 5 Tips for Bringing New Dimensions to Your Students' Experiences.

Future 3D printing goals: "First I want to finish my iPad stand and after that learn more advanced 3D modeling software something like AutoCad or Inventor."

My advice to those new to 3D printing: "Buy a good 3D printer that is relatively simple to use."

When did you first identify as a "maker"?: "In 6th grade when BPC first got the Printrbot and I continued to work on it after almost everybody else had lost interest in the printer. That was the first time I would identify myself as a maker, but I have always been interested in electronics and deconstructing them. As I am writing it I have a deconstructed smartphone on my desk which I can solder back together and it will still work."

Other interests: Flying, programming, golf, math, hacking and photo/video editing (for YouTube).

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