Sunday, May 26, 2013

Would you 3D Print Your Fetus?

So, I've noticed a somewhat bizarre trend lately with expectant moms.  They will often put their ultrasound pictures out on their desk next to the other family photos... some even have specialized ultrasound frames.  (Apparently, there is a whole market out there that I do not know about!)

Well, now those expectant parents can add a 3D model of their fetus right there with the pictures.

Japanese company Fasotec will make a miniature 3D replica of your fetus and hand it off to you in a lovely jewelry box, marketed as "The Shape of an Angel"  for about $1250 (as of 2012).  Yep.

Brazilian company will do this too, for about $200 for a full model of a fetus at 12 weeks, and about $300 for the face and arms of a fetus at 24 weeks.  This company does bring up a pretty legitimate reason - allowing visually impaired expectant parents to "see" their fetuses in a way ultrasounds cannot.  That's pretty cool.

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