Thursday, May 2, 2013

Organovo and Bioprinting

Bioprinting is printing cells on "biopaper" made of collagen. The cells come out in a matrix of gel that protects them as they print. The bioink (cells) are printed in groups of thousands of cells

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Eventually, we will be able to print organs that won't be rejected by bodies, because they will be made of the same cells as the rest of the body. This would be a huge development for medicine because huge numbers of people  are on waiting lists for organs without enough donors.

An Interview with Mike Renard of Organovo ( A 3D printing company) on Bioprinting

 - blog post by starspatteredsky

UPDATE:  An excellent, comprehensive article on this subject was (2D!) printed in the August 2013 issue of Popular Science.  Read more here.

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