Sunday, October 19, 2014

BPC Maker Club at the 2014 East Bay Mini-Maker Faire

This post is in progress, but here is a blurb from one of the kids... 

On October 19th, the BPC Maker Club went to the East Bay Mini Maker Faire to explain what we tinker with in Maker Club in addition to how we learn in science.  At our tables we introduced people our 3D printers, 3D scanned our visitors, and helped people make their own 3D drawings using our 3Doodler.  We were in an out-of-the-way place, so at first traffic was slow, but after word started to spread, our room was packed!  Younger children especially enjoyed using the 3Doodler as they were able to draw their own 3D printed design.  When they learned that they could lift the pen off the page and draw on the air, their faces would light up with excitement. We then explained to interested people how we were able to 3D print data, enlarged over two hundred times its actual size, to create models that we can use during science class in order to better understand visually how the science worked.  These different parts of our booth reflected the Maker Faire's slogan, "The Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth," by both helping people have a great time as well as learn about an ever-expanding and fascinating new field. (Daniel, 8th grade)

This 7 second clip represents about 2.5 hours of our day at the Faire. Created using Framelapse on an LG G3 taped to the wall.

More pictures from the event:

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