Tuesday, May 13, 2014

MINK: 3D Printed Make-up

MINK 3D printer

This printer uses plain printers ink (surprisingly, the maker, Grace Choi, says it is FDA approved) to add colour to a power, cream, or waxy base and create makeup. The printer sells for around $300, and supplies, like boxes and the base, presumably are sold as well. I couldn't find how much these cost, however. To print in a certain colour, you choose that hex colour from any online picture and paste it into a Microsoft Paint or Photoshop file. You send the file to the printer, and it adds that colour to the base. 

Ok, makeup, not that interesting, right? 
But this does show how versatile 3D printing is, and what can be done with printers and common household objects, like ink and a computer. 

Here is an article with a more in-depth explanation of how this works. 

By Jane, 7th grade

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  1. Was about to try a mendelmax build but thats history after seeing this, very nice use of printed parts.
    Now i just need to alter aluminium and 6mm holes to my parts, time to forget freecad and start learning sketch up urg.
    3D printer manufacturers