Thursday, January 9, 2014

Minecraft and 3D Printing

How to 3D Print something from a Minecraft single player world  
(A game that lets you create in a pixelated sandbox type of world)


Step 0: Have your minecraft creation ready in one of your worlds, and move your character as close as you can to it if possible.

Step 1:  Go to the Mineways site and download the program for Mac or PC. It's free.

Step 2: Run the Mineways application and click File > Open World > the single player world with what you want to print.

Step 3: Right-Click and drag a selection for the size of the file you wish to export.

Step 4: File > Export for whichever you like.

Step 5: Save the file and set your options.

Your model is saved! Print it.


There's also Printcraft, which allows you to create something in minecraft with a 40 by 40 square. When you push a button in minecraft, the command block behind it sends a signal to their website, which in turn translates your minecraft creation into a .stl file to download. It's entirely free and easy to use, all you need is the ip, ( and a minecraft account, which is about $27 dollars right now.
How to import a Tinkercad model into Minecraft (post in progress)

Once you have made your model in Tinkercad, click design, just like when you download it to a .stl, but instead of Download for 3D Printing, select Download for Minecraft.  Now, for the next part you'll need McEdit, a FOSS (Free and Open Source) program for doing advanced of Minecraft worlds, which you can download here.  For the next part is different on Mac and Windows computers (If you're using Linux you should be able to do this yourself).

          Unzip the folder on your desktop and run the program.  You will need to right click, and then click open, as the app is unsigned.  It will probably tell you to install XQuartz, and if so you can just click "continue", and follow the instructions on the web site that comes up.  The installer failed the first time for me, but on the second time it worked.  When you are done installing, open McEdit again.  It will take a while for anything to load, but after about ten seconds it should show up.  This time, it should open to a screen like this:

          [[Image to be Inserted Here]]

As you see, I already have a couple of world in it, like "Hidey Hole".  Yours will not have these.
Now is the time to create the minecraft world you haven't yet.
Next, you should click on "Load World".  It will look like this.

[[Second Image to be Inserted Here]]

Select the name of the world you want to put it into, then click load.


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