Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Our 3Doodler has arrived!

The kids are excited!  Earlier this year, I backed the 3Doodler on Kickstarter, and our very own 3Doodler finally arrived in the mail today.  Unfortunately for the kids, the mail arrived right at the end of the school day, but I agreed to wait and let Maker Club try it out in tomorrow's club meeting.  I am sure we will have 3D drawings to share! 

You can check out my list of backed Kickstarter projects to see more of the cool science & tech things I've backed that will hopefully end up in my classroom soon!  There's still time for you to back your own Circuit Scribe or (Raspberry Pi) Kano kit!  Personally, I am most eagerly awaiting our Structure Sensor!


  1. OH, so cool! I get mine in the December shipment. What did your students create with in Maker Monday? Ideas on what projects you will use it for?

  2. Awesome stuff...we could print so many thing like toy for our kid, etc. Welcome to the new age of printing technology.

  3. I love it! I want it!