Wednesday, May 15, 2013

3D printing at the MAKE Hardware Innovation Workshop 2013

We've come a long way since Brook Drumm helped facilitate my purchase of my first 3D printer (see video - 2011 - below).

At the MAKE Hardware Innovation Workshop 2013, I was lucky to run into Brook again, and let him know what we've been up to.  Our Printrbot has since been joined by a Makerbot I.  Our kids are becoming well-versed in open-source software and terms like 'gcode' and 'stl converter.'  And some of them are even saving their Bar Mitzvah money to buy one!

During his presentation, he told a story of a student (not from BPC) who, too, wanted to purchase a Printrbot for his Bar Mitzvah. This kid's father ended up purchasing a Printrbot as a gift, but asked Brook if he could come buy, bring a bunch of printers, and be the entertainment!  He also told a hilarious story about taking a new, battery-powered Printrbot Simple on an airplane.  He quips, "he's probably the only guy who has 3D-printed at 30,000 feet!"

Brook spoke as part of a presentation entitled "New Dimensions to 3D Printing - Additive manufacturing is heading in new directions, including the cloud."  He was joined by Peter Weijmarshausen (co-founder and CEO, Shapeways), Nick Pinkston (founder, Plethora) and Wayne Losey (co-founder, Dynamo DevLabs).

If they ever post video of the event, I will post it here.

Here are a couple of things I learned from the talk, in the meantime:

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