Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Student's Reflections on the Bay Area Maker Faire

Alexander (7th grade) -  I thought the Maker Faire was a huge success. Our booth attracted lots of attention, and we got to meet all kinds of cool and interesting people who stopped by. But our booth wasn't the only good one. After looking around the faire

Jane (7th grade) - The Maker Faire was amazing! Having our own booth was really fun, and there were lots of interesting people who came to look at it. I got to look around the Faire too, and all the booths had amazing stuff!

Abe(7th grade)- The maker faire was a very fun and interesting experience. Having a BPC booth was cool because we got to meet lots of interesting people. Walking around the faire was also fun because of all the interesting (and distracting) booths.


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