Friday, May 2, 2014

Osteiod: an improved 3D cast!

You might recall hearing about Cortex.  Cortex is a new 3-D printed cast that is water resistant and is customizable for each person. Cortex takes a 3-D scan and an x-ray of the broken hand or other body part. Then they create a 3-D model of the cast and 3-D print it. Each cast is customizable because it is 3-D printed. Their casts are very open and light. They are also, small and less noticeable than their plaster cousins.  I imagine that people could request different colors of the cast once the idea takes off.

Well just recently Deniz Karasahin designed a new version that adds a new feature an ultrasound system. The ultrasound system helps heal bones up to 80% faster. 

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