Monday, February 3, 2014

Custom Thank You Pickle - TinkerCAD

Well, I made my first object in TinkerCAD. I have been so busy facilitating the kids, I have never actually sat down and created a project start to finish myself.  Last week, my students and I took a field trip over to The Cultured Pickle Shop and we wanted to make them something to show our appreciation.  The kids came up with the idea to 3D print a pickle, but were a little slow on the execution, so I picked up the slack.

TinkerCAD is so easy.  The kids had hopped over to Thingiverse and downloaded a pickle STL to import into TinkerCAD, then I added a base and some letters.  "Download for 3D Printing" >> STL and that's it!  It doesn't even need to be cleaned up in netfabb or "healed" in the Cubify software!  

The only green filament we had was our Cube's neon green.  This is one intense pickle.  I added it to Thingiverse, just in case anyone else will need a thank you pickle.... yep.

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