Sunday, November 3, 2013

We Heart Making Things

Today the students discovered that the cute message we get at the end of a print job, is (understandably) written in the gcode. They enjoy the Ta-Da song.

(******* End.gcode*******)
M73 P100 ( End  build progress )
G0 Z150 ( Send Z axis to bottom of machine )
M18 ( Disable steppers )
M109 S0 T1 ( Cool down the build platform )
M104 S0 T1 ( Cool down the Right Extruder )
M104 S0 T1 ( Cool down the Left Extruder )
G162 X Y F2500 ( Home XY endstops )
M18 ( Disable stepper motors )
M70 P5 ( We <3 Making Things!)
M72 P1  ( Play Ta-Da song )
(*********end End.gcode*******)

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