Saturday, November 2, 2013

Maker Club at Discovery Days and the Bay Area Science Festival

On Saturday, BPC Maker Club took to the road again for Discovery Days at the Bay Area Science Festival!
Discovery Days is the largest free science education event in the Bay Area and we want you to be involved! Our 2013 Call for Exhibitors is open through September 27th. We expect over 50,000 attendees at three Discovery Days events; this is the  ultimate event to bring science education to the Bay Area masses. 

Unlike the East Bay Mini-Maker Faire (where there were many, many 3D printers, we were one of the few (only?) booths about the topic here, so the kids has plenty of opportunities to introduce and teach people who stopped by. 

One of my favorite collaborations is highlighted in the video below, between the BPC kids and another 8th grader who was running a booth about greenhouse gases at a nearby booth!

Here are a few more pics from the event: 

So cool - the entire ballpark was filled with science!  And we were thrilled to be part of it (view the map)! :)

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