Monday, January 26, 2015

Building the DropLit

Last August, out teacher was introduced to SeeMeCNC at the 3D Printer World Expo in Seattle, WA. got the scoop early.  By now, the DropLit is available for $399 on the SeeMeCNC website. All the parts except one are open source and that part you can buy from SeeMeCNC. Most DLP projectors will work but make shure your not using a LCD projector. You check the rest of the specs on SeeMeCNC's website. We went with this projector.

Here is a timelapse of us building it.

And here are some of the issues that we had.

Issue #1: Don't pull the tape off too quickly, because you will tear the fiberboard.
Solution #1: superglue, a clamp, and time

Issue #2: Where does the Arduino go?
Solution: We read forums to find an answer.  We found out that there was as new orientation for the Arduino, which is represented differently in the online instructions.

Overall, the building is going pretty well.

Issue #3:  The base plate orientation was tricky, but we solved it by READING the instructions aloud a few times.

Issue #4: We installed alot of the parts backwards.
Solution: Take it apart, flip it around.

Our projector is in the mail and we will post an update when we finish!

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