Thursday, April 10, 2014

Tips for 123D Catch

We "recently" got an iPad air and have started downloading scanning apps. The one I'm using right now is called 123D Catch a free 3D scanning app from Autodesk. You take multiple pictures at many angles and it puts them all together to make a 3D image. The Styrofoam head I scanned turned out to look a bit like a mask. Still, not bad for a 2nd try (the first was of someones head. It failed). 123D Catch uses photogrametry to work which is using triangulation to find the XYZ coordinates of a voxel.

We also tried using a DLSR take 70 pictures of a Jackel and then turn it into a 3-D model using 123D-Catch. We got a pretty good 3-D model(on the right).

The next time we tried, we used a record player to spin a bird and took 70 pictures at 3 angles. We got a perfect 3-D model!

- By Sam and Luka (6th grade)

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