Sunday, March 24, 2013

Cornell is Cooking up Some Cool 3D Printers!

In this awesome video, researchers Hod Lipson and Jeffrey Lipton, from Cornell University, discuss some of the ideas that have come out of Fab@Home project.

They explain how food materials such as frostings were used first as support material but then quickly went to prime time.  After people's first taste (pun intended) of food printing, the experimentation quickly escalated.  First up?  Hydrocolloids - the same material used in the 3D printing of living tissues!

Quickly following, people discovered you could 3D print food made of pear jam, liquid turkey, brie, deep-friend corn... basically "anything you can push through a syringe" (Hod Lipson).

Even researchers admit that we "don't see new materials, but just new ways of combining them..." and that one day, they envision the 3D food printer being an appliance we couldn't imagine living without.

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